Can I put a heater in my turtle tank?

Can I Put a Heater in My Turtle Tank?

Belonging to the broader category of amniotes(those who have an amnion layer during their embryonic stage), turtles are the animals that have the capability to fluctuate their internal body temperature according to the surrounding, technically these types of animals are known as cold-blooded animals.  People often get confused between a turtle and a tortoise, in the simplest statement, the difference between a turtle and a tortoise can be stated as the turtles are aquatic species chelonian whereas tortoises are land-dwelling which do not have the strength to swim. Turtles are egg-laying animals(oviparous), but for laying egg they prefer land instead of laying eggs in water. In current days, a majority of people are keeping turtle and tortoise in their homes as these animals are easier to handle and require little attention in comparison to having any other animal as a pet. Let’s find the best turtle tank heater.

All about Turtles:

Can I put a heater in my turtle tank?

Before moving on to the question, let us gain some knowledge about turtles.

  • Turtles or sea turtle exhibit sexual dimorphism, a biological term used to describe that males and females in these animals are found separately. Bisexuality does not exist.
  • Turtles are purely adapted for water lifestyle. They have a streamlined body, their feet are webbed, and have flippers, all serve a common purpose of ease in swimming.
  • The body plan of a turtle is somewhat like- it has a shell at the top called the carapace and one present at the bottom is known as plastron. Both the carapace and plastron are made of bones and meet sidewise giving a closed bony box in which all the viscera of the animal can stay protected for very long.
  • Unlike land turtle, sea turtle does not have the tendency to pull their limbs and head back inside the bony cage. Hence, they have a non-retractile head and limbs.


Can I put a heater in my turtle tank?

  • Amazing facts about these animals lie in there lifespan, smaller species of turtle which are generally kept by people can live up to an age of 80 years whereas the species which are somewhat big have a life expectancy over 100 years.
  • As of now, the species of a turtle having a maximum life span is of a Sea turtle with a lifeline of 152 years as recorded in ‘ Guinness book of world records.’
  • Socialization is not their thing! These animals show no interest in interacting with other species or other individuals of their own species, except for the season of mating.
  • They eat flesh as well as plant products with the same interest. Therefore are categorized as omnivores. Generally, the turtle eats at night.
  • With no exception, every turtle on the planet lay eggs. They climb to the land, dig in sand or mud and lay there. No further care of the laid eggs is considered by the parent turtle.

Turtle in the house:

It was the time of the 1960s and 1970s when people in Europe started this practice of keeping turtle and tortoise in their homes and in no time this idea of keeping it as a pet trended the world. It just took a large tub filled with water or an aquarium to keep the turtle in it. Later on, the market came up with a specialized aquarium by the name of the ‘turtle tank’. An aquarium made specifically for the turtles. It comprises of all the facilities a turtle requires. As turtles need to regulate their body temperature accordingly, therefore, these tanks consist of a ramp which is a dry portion where they can feel like being on land.

Need a water heater but why?

Can I put a heater in my turtle tank?

Now, moving back to the original question, can I put a heater in my turtle tank. So, the answer to this question comes out to be yes. Being thermoregulators, turtle definitely needs a source of heat to keep their metabolic functions proper.

Generally, these animals require a temperature of almost 10 degrees lesser than what temperature normal water bears. Therefore, if one is keeping the tank inside the house, whatsoever the place is, maybe in the living room or drawing-room, wherever there is the absence of proper sunlight for turtles to bask, a heater in the turtle tank becomes a priority. In the absence of the proper water temperature as required by their body, these animals undergo a process called hibernation. hibernation is a state of complete inactiveness where the animal slows down all its metabolism and enters a state of complete rest. If this process of hibernation happens for a long time in turtle in the absence of appropriate temperature, they may die very soon. So, the temperature of the water is something that one cannot take lightly while keeping turtles in the house.

People decorate their turtle tank with a number of things but some of them are the basic requirements of the animal which includes:

Can I put a heater in my turtle tank?

  1. A UVB light lamp and a water heater: The process of calcium formation in these animals takes place only in the presence of UVB light. If its availability is inadequate the shell of the turtle or of the egg will be soft leading to sooner death of the animal. Along with it, the water heater is of prime importance, for the reasons mentioned.
  2. A basking area: Turtles need to bask. It is a must requirement as basking aids them to regulate their internal temperature.
  3. A ramp: Moving from water to the basking area requires something that is obliquely placed and acts as a bridge between the two, that thing is a ramp.
  4. A water filter: Hygiene is important, therefore a water filter is also another important item in this list.

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Growing at the same pace, the fashion of keeping turtles tanks will take no time to reach a majority of homes. Although every living creature has the right to live its life with all its freedom, keeping a turtle in a tank can prove to a good way preserving this nearly endangered species up to a great extent.